Dyanne Thorne


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Love Me Like I Do

Dyanne Thorne here billed as Lahna Monroe play Sharon, a doormat of a housewife. At the movie's opening, Sharon's biggest worries in life seem to be getting enough ice for the guests at the swinging backyard party she and husband Bill (Peter Carpenter) are hosting, and keeping her best friend, salty divorcée Marge who strips naked by the pool, under control. But when Bill sneaks off with Nanette (Maria De Aragon) to go skinny dipping, obviously Sharon has more problems than we realize.
In this movie Dyanne Thorne have a big role and she show some skin.
Directed by
Jean Van Hearn

Writing credits
Jean Van Hearn

Some of the cast:

Peter Carpenter - Bill Sloane
Dyanne Thorne - Sharon Sloane
Jacqueline Dalya - Attorney's Wife
Maria De Aragon - Nanette Nolan
Joey DuPrez - Go Go Girl
Paul Fleming - Keith Hunter
Lynne Gordon - Marge
Elaine Hill - Singer
Richard Karie - Paul Nolan
Arnold Roberts - Police Chief


Something Weird cover
US DVD-R cover
Label: Something Weird
Region: 0 US NTSC
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio: English Mono
Subtitles: None

This is a DVD-R


US pressbook
US pressbook
US poster
US poster


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