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Movies with Dyanne Thorne

Who is Dyanne Thorne? Most people haven't seen any of her movies and probably not even heard her name. But she have participated in a bunch of movies from the early 60s to the late 80s. She is most famous for the title role of "Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS", "Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks", "Ilsa: The Wicked Warden (Greta: Haus ohne Männer)" and "Ilsa: The Tigress of Siberia". Ilsa is probably the most evil female villain in the movie history and have cultstatus among sleaze fans. The "Ilsa" movies are in the top of all exploitation movies and the reason for that is Dyanne Thorne. She is extremely good looking and played villain so well and delivered lines in such an evil fashion. She hasn't made any movies since the late 80s, but with the "Ilsa" movies released on DVD, Dyanne Thorne has got a new generation of fans.
The goal with this site is to list all possible ways to get Dyanne's movies with main focus on DVD. Click on the movie titles down here to get info about different releases through the years, some are out of print since long time and are only obtainable from second-hand shops.

Dyanne Thorne is sometimes credited as:
Lahna Monroe
Rosalee Stein
Penny Walters
Diane Thorne
Diane Thone

Filmography (She have participated in more movies than I have listed here
but here role was so insignificant that I leave them out.): . Sin in the Suburbs (1964) (as Lahna Monroe) . Love Me Like I Do (1970) . The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio (1971) aka Pinocchio . Point of Terror (1971) aka The Scream of Terror . Blood Sabbath (1972) aka Yyalah (USA: video title) . Snatched Women (1974) aka The Snatch . Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1974) . Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman (1975) (as Rosalee Stein) aka Erotic Encounters of the Fourth Kind . The Swinging Barmaids (1975) aka Eager Beavers aka Killer (UK: video title) . Beyond Fulfillment (1976) . Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976) aka Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (USA: promotional title) aka Ilsa, Keeper of the Oil Sheik's Harem . Chesty Anderson, USN (1976) aka Anderson's Angels aka Chesty Anderson, US Navy aka Up the Navy (UK: video title) aka Chesty Anderson Goes to Sea!! (UK: video title) . Greta - Haus ohne Männer (1977) aka Greta the Torturer aka Greta, the Mad Butcher aka Greta, the Sadist aka Ilsa, the Wicked Warden aka Ilsa: Absolute Power aka Wanda, the Wicked Warden . Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia (1977) aka The Tigress . Up Your's (1979) (as Penny Walters) aka Up Your Ladder . Hellhole (1985) aka Hell Hole . Real Men (1987)
Unfortunately never made: Ilsa meets Bruce Lee in the Bermuda Triangle.
Notable TV guest appearances: . "Felony Squad" playing "Diana Porter" in episode: "The Terror Trap" (1966) . "Felony Squad" playing "Miss Lucas" in episode: "Miss Reilly's Revenge" (1966) . "Star Trek" playing "First Girl" in episode: "A Piece of the Action" (1968)
Not Dyanne or Ilsa:
Dyanne Thorne is very popular as the character Ilsa, for instance on the cover of the Norwegian VHS Gestapos blodige natt (Le Lunghe notti della Gestapo) they have used Dyanne but she is not in that movie. Another example of the Ilsa fame is the Belgian poster for the movie Erika (Kaput lager - gli ultimi giorni delle SS, aka Achtung! The Desert Tigers) where they realy did try to make it look like an Ilsa movie. Yet another example is the movie Elsa Fraulein SS here as an Belgian poster.

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